Storylines of Belarusian state television channels, July-September 2021 

Storylines of Belarusian state television channels, July-September 2021
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  1. News releases of Belarus 1 television channel
  2. News releases of the television channel ONT
  3. News releases of the television channel STV

News releases of Belarus 1 television channel

During the third quarter of 2021, the main topics of social and political reporting and their claims made on the Glavniy efir (Main Broadcast) news program included the following:

External attacks on Belarus and extremist activities

  •  Aggressive attacks by NATO countries and Poland. Alexander Lukashenko: «This is a war. Lawlessness and blackmail on an international scale.»
  • Special operation by state security bodies: extremist and terrorist cells controlled from abroad have been exposed.
  • There have been attempts before and now to shake Belarus from outside the country through fomenting internal discord and organizing riots in the street to economic sectoral sanctions. Television presenter: «Under the control of foreign coordinators in Belarus, they are still trying to start a stalled protest.»
  • Brussels is openly calling for the overthrow of the Belarusian government along a Ukrainian scenario. Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov: «I immediately saw [in Belarus in 2020] that preparations for a color revolution were underway. The methods are the same as in Ukraine. Everything happened like a carbon copy. The goal is the same – to tear Belarus and Ukraine away from Russia. As the puppets come to Belarus, they will destroy everything, just like in Ukraine.»

Belarusian genocide

  • The genocide of the Belarusian people did not end in victorious 1945. The aggressors, instead of atoning, continue their genocide, terror, and persecution.
  • There is a direct connection between Nazism and attempts to carry out a color revolution. An attempt is underway to revive the brown plague and destroy Belarus.
  • A national genocide by Poland was experienced by 4 million Belarusians.
  • Discrediting Belarusian political opponents and the democratic movement in Belarus.
  • The opposition realized that it is not possible to seize power through gangster methods and switched to extremist methods. The rats went on the attack, crossed a line, and became terrorists.
  • There is too much dirt in the opposition that needs to be eradicated. The fugitives are engaged in the destruction of Belarus. Commentator: «We feel good when you feel bad. Under this motto the runaways are working today.»
  • The flow of allegations of violence by the security forces was directed.The 4 unemployed liars and ex-convicts who wanted to evade responsibility were those complaining.
  • The descendants of collaborators are trying to impose a history rewritten by Europe. Murder is no longer a crime for them.
  • Nobody came out to protests for their beliefs. Belarusians in Poland and Lithuania were recruited by Western special services. If they did not agree to cooperate, they were blackmailed.
  • Opposition media created an atmosphere of social enmity and participated in a plan to seize and overthrow state power.

Situation in Ukraine

  • Ukraine is plunging into chaos and discord. It is the poorest country in Europe and has lost its scientific and technological potential. Television presenter: «The Ukrainian economy has experienced and continues to experience all the delights of de-industrialization. More and more it is turning into a raw material appendage of the West.»
  • Ukraine is waging an open war with Belarus, planting militants and weapons.
  • Ukraine is shooting in Donbass in violation of any agreements. Children are being fired upon.
  • Tariff genocide. Ukraine may not live to see the next season of heating. Television presenter: «Winter can be fierce.»
  • Zelensky answers only to the United States. And politicians are sagging under the weight of Europe.
  • Journalists and politicians are being killed in Ukraine. Freedom of speech has been destroyed.

An aggressive Poland

  • Historical revisionism and imperial ambitions are pushing Poland to interfere in the affairs of sovereign Belarus. Poland oversaw every step of the protests in Belarus. Television presenter: «Warsaw is looking for cannon fodder for its experiments in Belarus. Unashamed of its cynical actions, it is continuing the despicable war under Western cover.»
  • Poland is using brutal methods towards refugees. They are hunted with dogs and beaten.
  • Poland is the watchdog of old Europe.

The collapse of the West and Western values

  • Revolts in the West against coronavirus-related restrictions.
  • There is a food crisis in the world and people in the U.S. are starving. Food fascism is coming soon.
  • The Western world and order are bursting at the seams. Europe and the U.S. are undergoing a deep socio-political crisis. There is no unity among countries and mutual distrust is growing.
  • Human rights in the EU have been shrinking for several years. A «European GULAG» is being formed. Television presenter: «EU security forces force migrants to crawl on barbed wire. Border guards find them bloody and assist them and save them from death. It also happens that there is already no one to save. People fall into the traps of cynical European politics.»
  • Energy collapse in Europe.

Western sanctions

  • The sanctions are aimed at cleaning up and weakening competition to remove Belarus from the market. Alexander Lukashenko to a British journalist: «Yes, you are choking on sanctions in Great Britain. We have not heard about you for a thousand years and do not want to know. You are American henchmen.»
  • European sanctions are punitive methods introduced on the same day that Germany attacked Belarus 80 years ago. The sanctions are aimed at raising a rebellion among workers so that later the West can purchase businesses for nothing.
  • The sanctions have not affected the Belarusian economy and its GDP is growing. The sanctions are pushing Belarusians to be more united. Russia has been living under sanctions since 2014, and we must take learn from their example. Alexander Lukashenko: «Are you and the Russians pushing us to war?»

Migration crisis

  • Lithuania is cracking and crumbling from the flow of illegal immigrants.
  • The inhuman attitude of European border guards towards refugees. They beat testimony out of them, threaten pregnant women with weapons, put them in cages, starve them to death, and sic dogs on people. Commentator: «In concentration camps in Europe, where migrants are held, the attitude towards them is sometimes even worse than at the border. People are malnourished, freezing, and not receiving medical care.»
  • The dehumanization and denigration of people with a different skin color is a part of a new agenda in Europe. The EU is giving the signal that it is possible to «kill off» refugees. Television presenter: «Countries that publicly declare the importance of human rights and try to position themselves as world centers of humanism are actually wiping their army boots with them.»

An attack on Russia through Belarus

  • All information weapons aimed at Belarus can be working on the Russian agenda at the same time.
  • The West is playing a long game to destroy the countries of the postSoviet space. The ultimate goal of the West is Russia. Belarusian propagandist Aleksey Dzermant: «The destabilization of Belarus is important for the West because Belarus is a key place for control in the region. The West wants to seize this bridgehead and talk with Russia from a position of strength.»

Lithuanians are torturers and fascists

  • The socio-political crisis in Lithuania. Lithuanians repress those who disagree. Murders of politicians and journalists. Television presenter: «The patience of the people is boiling over in Lithuania. Social tension grows literally after every official statement made by officials.»
  • Lithuania was one of the main countries preparing the rebellion in Belarus.
  • The Lithuanians killed a refugee. Belarusian propagandist Aleksey Avdonin: «What happened on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border and with the death of a refugee is a vivid example of how the collective West has been ready to act against Belarus. They were ready to ruin and destroy.»
  • Lithuania does not have its own political will. The government is a puppet.

Friendly relations between Belarus and Russia

  • The capture of Belarus is being planned. Belarus and Russia have common risks. Alexander Lukashenko: «If it is necessary to deploy Russian troops for the security of Belarus, they will be deployed immediately.»
  • The integration of Belarus and Russia is a pact of equality and of exemplary cooperation. Television presenter: «The cries that Lukashenko is surrendering sovereignty are just hype and attempts to stir up conflict.»
  • The West is not fond of the rapprochement and strengthening of Belarus and Russia. Russian propagandist Sergei Rekeda: «These processes are a sign of the strengthening of the sovereignty of both Russia and Belarus.»

News releases of the television channel ONT

During the third quarter of 2021, the main topics of social and political reporting and their claims on the Kontury (Contours) television program included the following:

External attacks on Belarus and terrorist and extremist activities in Belarus

  • A multi-vector attack of the West on Belarus, including military and political pressure, undermining the economy through sanctions, undermining from within (terrorist attacks), and information attacks. Russian propagandist Nikolai Mezhevich: «There has been a pulling together of NATO forces towards our borders, from the Gulf of Finland to the border of Belarus and Ukraine. A potential hotbed of tension is being created where our forces want to stretch out and spur the opposition to join in anti-state activities.»
  • External forces and their foreign agents are trying to damage the sovereignty of Belarus in exchange for money from foreign states. Member of Parliament Andrei Savinykh: «The actions of the citizens of Western countries who kindled the protests in Belarus are similar to those of the Islamic State when recruiting to attract sponsors and terrorists to fight in the Middle East. But it is not profitable for the West to reveal it as such. Everything is framed as a political struggle for freedom and democracy. It turns out that the rule of law has no value for the West.»
  • Terrorist cells were exposed in Belarus.
  • The extremist movement Rabochiy Rukh (Worker’s Movement) was planning a man-made disaster. Commentator: «Rukh had 3 main directions: collecting information about the work of businesses and contracts; sabotage; and threats to the leadership, officials, and security officials.»

U.S. aggression

  • Instead of solving common problems of terrorism, hunger, and the environment, Washington sets its own terms and conditions, threatening Russia with its wagging finger.
  • The U.S. thinks of itself as a superpower, but in fact has adopted a cowardly stance towards Afghanistan.
  • The U.S. is ready for aggression southward, in Cuba.

Relations between Belarus and Russia

  • Russia and Belarus are preparing a joint plan to counter Western sanctions. Russian politician Grigory Rapota: «Both Minsk and Moscow should respond to the sanctions in a tough and coordinated manner, while internally engaging in joint projects.We must show everyone that our integration benefits people.»
  • The West will do its utmost to hinder the integration of Belarus and Russia. «Deutsche Welle from repeats articles year after year and reproduces fake stories about the loss of sovereignty for money from foreign publications. This is a time-tested business.»
  • The results of the Ecoom study show an increase in Belarusians’ confidence in Russia.
  • Through Belarus, the West is aiming at Russia, so Russia should help Belarus. Russian propagandist Igor Korotchenko: «Russia should support Belarus, because it will incur large expenses if NATO bases appear in Belarus.»

The situation in Ukraine

  • In Ukraine, camps were set up to train saboteurs made up of Belarusian radicals to send them to Belarus.
  • American media called Zelensky Levinsky, which showed the attitude of the U.S. is like that towards an employee with a low salary and social responsibility.
  • Ukraine dreams up with external enemies to launder the military budget.
  • In the post-Soviet space, the most dangerous thing is to work as a journalist in Ukraine.

An aggressive Poland

  • Poland views the Belarusian opposition as a political asset to manage.
  • Under Poland, Belarusians were regarded as cheap labor. After 1939, people had access to free medicine, schools and universities, factories and plants were opened, and families were brought together.
  • Poland is using refugees to blame Belarus. Lithuanian politician Giedrius Grabauskas: «Lithuania is also dancing to Warsaw’s tune. Journalists writing the truth about events at the border are arrested there. Those who assist refugees face criminal liability.»

Western sanctions

  • The EU is using sanctions to influence Belarus, because society will not accept a military form of confrontation. Alexander Lukashenko: «Sanctions are a contemporary version of a punitive operation.»
  • The West is doing everything possible to bring Belarus and Russia closer with sanctions.
  • Only companies from Western countries are suffering losses from the sanctions.

Discrediting Belarusian political opponents and the democratic movement in Belarus

  • The tactics of conversations in Telegram chats have changed, with groups appearing where specific crimes are discussed.
  • Vesna, Radio Liberty, and the Ebert Foundation did not pay taxes and encouraged protest activities in Belarus.
  • The headquarters of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya went begging in the U.S.
  • The West has lost interest in representatives of the Belarusian opposition.
  • The Secretary of the UN did not know that some UN structures are being used to demonize and discredit Belarus for implausible politicized reasons. Belarusian Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei: «And if they publish their materials, we, in turn, will publish information about how some representatives of the UN team in Belarus used funds allocated by the UN for people with disabilities to support the participants of demonstrations and protests.»

Collapse of the West

  • Liberal globalists impose the concept of openness to everything on the world. This results in a conflict of families, generations, and peoples. German politician Waldemar Gerdt: «In Europe, there is a degradation not only of the political system, but a degradation that has already affected people’s minds.»
  • Refugees’ hunger strike in Brussels.
  • The flooding in Europe is indicative of the failure of authorities to cope with the consequences.
  • Western journalism is a journalism of myths, legends, and technology.

The migration crisis and degradation of Lithuania

  • Waves of migration are the result of European politics in North Africa and the Middle East.
  • Vilnius makes money from fake news surrounding Belarus. Television presenter: «The vociferous statements made by EU political dwarves are a tool for getting money from the big bosses of Germany and France.»
  • Cruel treatment of refugees by Lithuanian border guards: they shot at migrants, set dogs on them, and beat them. Conditions in the camps are horrendous, humiliating, and racist.
  • The West is accusing Belarus of waging a hybrid war instead of solving the migration crisis together with them peacefully.
  • In Lithuania, citizens are imprisoned for speaking out against housing illegal immigrants.
  • The protests in Vilnius represent a double standard of the Lithuanian authorities relative to protests in Belarus. Commentator: «Their plan to ‘beat 10 their own people so that others are afraid’ showed that human rights in Lithuania are universal: they are not for anyone.»
  • Lithuania is losing sovereignty, independence, and freedom. Russian propagandist Alexei Mukhin: «Lithuania will try to avoid responsibility by shifting it onto the U.S. and Brussels in order to be an even more pliant instrument in their political games in the future.»

News releases of the television channel STV

During the third quarter of 2021, the main topics of social and political reporting and their claims made on the television program Nedelya (The Week) included the following:

Friendly relations between Belarus and Russia

  • The integration of Belarus with Russia is not the entrance of Belarus into Russia, but the rapprochement of the two most kindred peoples.
  • The West is afraid of rapprochement between Belarus and Russia. Russian public figure Vyacheslav Sutyrin: «They tried in every way possible to throw a wrench into things, to engage in dialogue, to convince Belarus that it doesn’t need Russia and is dangerous. As a result, this led to a rocking of the internal political situation in Belarus. The West’s goal has been achieved. And only thanks to the intensification of union interaction – the support of Russia – has Belarus survived.»

External attacks on Belarus and terrorist and extremist activities in Belarus

  • In 2020, American strategies were implemented in Belarus. Former press secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus Vladimir Makarov: «In this war, everything that is prohibited by the Geneva conventions, common sense, and the rules of war is allowed.»
  • Military and economic pressure on Belarus is growing from the West. A NATO military force and infrastructure has been deployed on the border. Belarusian propagandist Aleksey Avdonin: «NATO countries have certain template plans. The modern template is the formation of enclaves (zones), for the sake of which tensions will grow and lead to having the main centers of power fighting for this territory.Therefore,the format of a modern war here does not mean a total seizure of territory. It can mean carrying out sabotage of a particular area. The destruction of the state comes from within.»
  • Sabotage and industrial espionage inside the country and terrorist attacks by Belarusian zmagars. Television presenter: «The overriding goal of the rebellious initiative is to create one ambitious migrant president. For this the factories must be closed and the financial system of the country brought down, leaving the families of Belarusians without bread.»

An aggressive Poland

  • The Poles and the Polonized Belarusian population were the core of Nazi collaboration during the war years.
  • Poland interferes in the internal affairs of Belarus, not hiding its appetites. Television presenter: «They do not need a Belarusian, but a person who will slave for zlotys on Polish plantations and in factories.»
  • Poland fulfills other people’s interests to the detriment of itself. Polish politician Mateusz Piskorski: «The migrant crisis once again proves that Polish politicians realize other people’s geopolitical interests and are an instrument in the hands of the U.S.»

Collapse of the West

  • Obvious crimes of the West against refugees and human rights and colonial Nazism. Belarusian propagandist Nikolai Shchekin: «I am sure that after some time an international tribunal will deal with the bullying and murders. The methods of the collective West have not changed since the days of the Inquisition and Nazi Germany.»
  • Riots in the West, including Covid protests and violent crackdowns on demonstrators. Commentator: «Europe is a mess. Hundreds of thousands of Europeans believe they can and will defeat this dictatorship of Covid passes. It’s time to tear down the walls of the Covid prison.»
  • Feminism, multiculturalism, and LGBT ideology – the fruits of modern European democracy – are the sources of the problems with European demography.
  • Western migration policy negatively affects citizens. Belarusian propagandist Nikolai Shchekin: «When Merkel decided to accept the flow of migrants, she had to evict pensioners from their rented homes to settle refugees. Elderly people were taken to senior citizen homes, where they died during the pandemic.»
  • The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan is the end of Europe.

Discrediting Belarusian political opponents and the democratic movement in Belarus

  • Tikhanovskaya’s headquarters is on its knees in front of the West, making the rounds, while in Belarus people are earning money with dignity: «With such a protracted and ostentatious tour with outstretched hands, the fugitives simply want to destroy the Belarusian economy.»
  • Tikhanovskaya is selling her homeland for a cookie.
  • Latushko is creating a Belarusian analogue of the Taliban and pulling together a people’s militia.
  • Many countries are skeptical about the work of Tikhanovskaya and the «children of the revolution,» but they are forced to feign support for the activities of the Belarusian opposition.

Western sanctions

  • Belarus is not suffering economic losses from the blocking of Belarusian transit by Lithuania, unlike Lithuania itself. Belarusian propagandist Aleksey Dzermant: «We are serious partners for the Russian Federation and China. 13 If they want to make a logistic impasse out of us, then Poland will become the same impasse. And there, although they are arrogant lords, they are not stupid, unlike the Lithuanians. They will think about how to launch transport routes.»
  • The sanctions are aimed at humiliating Belarusians.
  • The Belarusian Federation of Trade Unions opposes the sanctions policy.

The situation in Ukraine

  • Weapons are supplied from Ukraine to Belarus.
  • Ukraine is pursuing an anti-Belarusian policy. Pro-Kremlin commentator Yakov Kedmi: «The Ukrainian authorities believe that barking at Belarus today is the most profitable thing they can do. They think it will bring them additional political dividends. »
  • The entire policy of the Zelensky regime, like with Poroshenko, is directed against the interests of the Ukrainian people.
  • Riots in Ukraine.

Lithuania is in decline

  • Lithuania is not a state, but a hysterical territorial entity.
  • The EU is turning Lithuania into a hub of refugees. Belarusian propagandist Yuri Shevtsov: «Lithuania is Auschwitz-2 – a lackey and henpecked by the modern neo-Nazi regime. A large community of migrants will soon appear there.»
  • Compulsory vaccination in Lithuania, as opposed to voluntary vaccination in Belarus.

The EU migration crisis

  • Statements that Lukashenko is pressuring Lithuania with migrants are outright lies. Belarusian professor Viktor Vatyl: «The migration crisis is a result of the transition to a new technological order and the resulting new struggle for a global redistribution. And it clearly relies on strength. Many major powers and transnational corporations use a scenario of controlled chaos. The result is the collapse of peace in eastern nations, color revolutions, wars, sacrifice, and poverty.»
  • Bullying and cruel treatment of refugees at the EU border. Commentator: «Polish border guards, following the example of their Lithuanian colleagues, behave like Nazi torturers and beat migrants and hunt them with dogs. But the Cerberus of European politics are trying especially hard, with the Minister of Defense was frightened so much by the migrants that he called them a Belarusian hybrid weapon.»
  • Under the guise of returning illegal migrants, the EU is pushing potential terrorists into Belarus.

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