Storylines of Belarusian state television channels, January-March 2022 

Storylines of Belarusian state television channels, January-March 2022
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  1. News stories from the television channel Belarus 1
  2. News stories from the television channel ONT
  3. News stories from the television channel STV

News stories from the television channel Belarus 1

During the first quarter of 2022, the main topics of reporting on socio-political subjects and their statements in the news stories of the Glavny efir (“Main Air”) television program were the following:

War (“military special operation”) in Ukraine 

  • Ukraine is trying to unleash a conflict with Belarus, into which it has already dragged the West. Lukashenko, addressing Putin: “And now I will show you where the attack on Belarus was being prepared from. And if six hours before the operation there had not been a preventive strike on positions, four positions – I will now show you a map, I brought it. They would have attacked our Belarusian and Russian troops who were participating in exercises. Therefore, we did not start this war, our conscience is clear. It is good that they started. [Ukraine] has biological weapons and the largest nuclear power plants. And it was all set to explode. Now we see what is happening in Chernobyl.”
  • The Ukrainian army is destroying the civilian population which is trying to save the Russian military. Ukrainian radicals are shooting children. Television presenter: “The targets that Ukrainian militants are hitting in brutal desperation are terrifying. In the city of Rubizhne, the Ukrainian armed forces opened fire on a school during a civilian evacuation… In Makiivka, Ukrainian national liberators fired on a kindergarten.” Television presenter: “Humanitarian corridors are used to strengthen positions and residents are driven into basements without food or water. Neo-Nazis from Azov and Aydar are not letting civilians out of the cities. They are essentially hostages.”
  • Ukraine may resort to large-scale provocations with chemical weapons. Television presenter: “The Ukrainian armed forces mined a storage facility with ammonia and chlorine at a chemical plant in Sumy. Soldiers will poison civilians if the Russian military enters the city.”
  • Russia is liberating Ukraine from genocide and a resurgence of Nazism. Correspondent: “Russia decided to stop the spread of this aggressive western mold on our continent. This mold spews filthy masses of propaganda and provocation. Pitiful drops of poison are splashed on allies who oppose genocide in the 21st century.”
  • “Igilobanderites” are fighting in Ukraine and the participation of Islamists was planned even before the Russian offensive. Correspondent: “Nazis were trained not only in Ukraine. They had undergone combat training in pro-American camps in Syria and Iraq, where Islamic State militants were trained.” Correspondent: “Thousands of mercenaries are going to Ukraine for bloodlust and for money… They are bringing over Islamic extremists.”
  • S. biolaboratories operated in Ukraine. They researched the possibility of transmitting African swine fever and anthrax from Ukraine to Russia with the help of birds. Television program host: “We are essentially talking about the creation of ethnic weapons based on biological principles aimed at the selective defeat of certain ethnic and racial groups… In this way, Hitler’s theory of racial purity is being implemented by individual countries.”
  • Ukraine is running military propaganda, including through fake SMS and calls about Russian soldiers supposedly dying. Structures with big budgets are serving to portray Russia as the aggressor and Ukraine as the victim.

An aggressive West

  • The West unleashed a hybrid war against Belarus to destroy it. Television presenter: “Last year alone, the Security Committee, in cooperation with other structures, prevented 11 attempts to commit terrorist acts in our country. It is known and has been proven that all these plans were financed from Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, the U.S., and Germany.” Television presenter: “The weapons of the hybrid war are still aimed at Belarus.»
  • Making the situation in the West about the Russian military presence in Belarus is an information attack. NATO is plying Europe with weapons that will remain in Poland and the Baltic countries, while Russian weapons will leave Belarus. Television presenter: “In general, slag is pouring in an endless stream from all media dumps, as it was during the blitzkrieg attempt in 2020. The level of unreliability of information now is massive.”

Collapse of the West

  • Big economic problems in the U.S. and EU countries, with essential products disappearing, a limited distribution of goods to each person, high inflation, and deteriorating living standards. Television presenter: “Social stability against the backdrop of a huge increase in energy prices is melting in Europe.”
  • The people in EU countries are beginning to starve. Television presenter: “After the lockdowns, a well-fed Europe has turned into a hungry one, where there is no surplus and little for migrants, let alone their own people.” Correspondent: “God knows how successful the attempt will be to keep universal mandatory poverty and the omnipotence of hereditary elites away from the makers of the beautiful new world. They will force their own – Americans and Europeans – to live in such a world. Inflation and hyperinflation have already turned welfare states into countries where meat and warmth in the home are a luxury.”
  • Anti-Covid protests in Europe and Canada. France bans peaceful protests. Police disperse protesters with batons and tear gas. Systemic lawlessness in Australia and New Zealand, where authorities are using increasingly authoritarian practices.
  • There are secret CIA prisons in Poland and Lithuania where torture has been used.
  • The U.S. is relinquishing the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency. Blogger: “Your dollar is a candy wrapper.”
  • In the West, property is confiscated without trial, ethnic persecution is conducted, and people are punished for their language and surname or for their way of thinking. There is discrimination against Russians and Russian-speaking residents of EU countries. Correspondent: “The Ukrainian conflict allowed us to begin to break down the system of law and human rights, which seemed to be eternal.”

An attempt at a “color revolution” in Kazakhstan

  • In Kazakhstan, they used the same methods for the coup d’état as in Belarus. Television presenter: “We all remember very well what happened in the summer of 2020, when color revolution methods were tested on us. Similar methods were tested for an attempted coup in Kazakhstan, but again they ‘broke their teeth.’” Correspondent: “Discontent is fueled artificially from outside the country, from the information support of sad Telegram channels to the methods of fanaticism from ISIS terrorists. The presence of terrorists there from other countries is already a fact. [In Kazakhstan] 4,500 militants have already been detained.”
  • Radical Islamists and militants oversaw the protests in Kazakhstan. Lukashenko: “They cut off the heads of police, riot police, and military personnel. These already are the features of terrorist organizations that have been witnessed in Afghanistan, in Syria, and in Iraq. And now we need to stop this fratricidal war.”

U.S. aggression

  • The U.S. is the most aggressive country in the world. 80% of conflicts and wars are directly or indirectly related to U.S. intervention. The U.S. is involved in the protests in Kazakhstan. Many countries have been destroyed at the behest of Joe Biden.
  • The Americans organized an armed conflict in Ukraine to avoid a catastrophe of the capitalist system while eliminating Russia as a competitor. Television presenter from a January 2022 news story: “The world is raging. The geopolitical pendulum has swung with such a speed that Ukraine is already being presented in the American media as a new Afghanistan. And our country is being made into an aggressor.”
  • The U.S. established 15 biological laboratories in Ukraine, where they performed experiments on military personnel from the armed forces. External commentator, from a January 2022 report: “The activities of American specialists in these laboratories bear signs of the creation of biological weapons that operate at the genetic level.”

Referendum and the new constitution in Belarus

  • There have been attempts made to disrupt the referendum by people who in the past have wanted to seize power. This disruption of the referendum is financed by the West. Lukashenko, addressing officials: “Before the referendum, they will throw all sorts of things at us. Each of you will be battered.”
  • Nearly all Belarusian citizens were involved in the process of discussing the Constitution. This is a model and a serious blow to Western European democracy. External commentator: “We demonstrated a model of democratic procedure and how to do it. This will become a benchmark for many countries.”

Ineffective Western sanctions

  • The West will not be able to apply serious sanctions for long because they will also affect them. External commentator: “The sanctions we are seeing now are largely emotional. There is a desire to condition the population of Belarus and Russia psychologically. After some time, this pressure should ease, simply because in other circumstances the troubles that we are now seeing in world markets (metals, energy, food, and stock markets) will lead to a global economic crisis.”
  • Sanctions are being introduced to stop Belarus and Russia’s development. Putin during a meeting with Lukashenko, from a report on February 20, 2022: “Sanctions will be imposed in any case. There may be a reason today, for example, connected with the events in Ukraine, or there may be no such reason. In any case, a reason will be found, because the goal is different. The goal is to slow down the development of Russia and Belarus.”
  • Western sanctions will not harm Belarus, but on the contrary will push for more effective economic integration in the post-Soviet space. Television program host: “Issues of union cooperation and mutual support, which for various reasons could be delayed today, are resolved in the shortest possible time. Western sanctions have essentially mobilized all forms of integration and cooperation in the Eurasian space.”

Discrediting Belarusian political opponents and the protest movement in Belarus

  • Political opponents receive Western funding and are not so much against Lukashenko as they are against Belarus itself. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya needs money for a beautiful life and new manicures. Television presenter: “Billions of dollars have been spent on a failed coup. The fugitives need to work it off, so harassment and threats against respectable Belarusians are being used again.”
  • Opposition puppeteers demand blood and feed fake news to Belarusians to get them to take to the streets. The Cocaine Boys manufacture videos to promote protest sentiment. Television presenter: “A high turnout in the referendum is not included in the plans of the fugitives, who were rebuked by the Polish and Lithuanian special services. Realizing that their work could end at the bottom of a Baltic lake at any moment, and that their ratings are sinking even on information dumps, they have no choice but to once again pull the dusty protest agenda out of the pocket of the West.”

Polish imperialism

  • Poland has imperial ambitions to partition Ukraine. External commentator: “Poland has territorial appetites here, because, hiding behind NATO troops with this alleged peacekeeping mission, Poland would like to expand its zone of influence that would clearly include western Ukraine. We know that such revanchist sentiments are very common in Poland and that they consider this to be their eastern periphery.” 
  • Poland has many problems internally and in their relations with the EU from which they want to divert attention through, among other things, the situation on the border with Belarus.

News stories from the television channel ONT

During the first quarter of 2022, the main topics of reporting on socio-political subjects and their statements in the news stories of the Kontury (“Contours”) television program were the following: 

War in Ukraine

  • Russia is not conducting aggression against Ukraine. It is the West that is pushing Ukrainians into conflict and seeking to drown the Russian-Ukrainian, Slavic brotherhood in blood. External Russian commentator: “Didn’t smart people say that nobody needs you [Ukrainians] for development and prosperity…? They are sheep that need to be driven to war with Russia. They [Western countries] are trying to solve their problems with your meat. For them, you are no different from the Native Americans who were once deceived. Western civilization is grounded in deceit and annihilation. That’s how they succeeded. Deceive those who can be deceived, and break and kill the rest.
  • In Ukraine, many people are infused with nationalism and revanchism. They tear the Soviet period out of history and hate the Russian language. The future of the world depends on the “denazification of Ukraine.” External commentator: “The White House is deliberately turning a blind eye to the presence of the Nazis in Ukraine. The Azov Battalion is funded by the U.S. and NATO. In photographs, they are seen holding NATO flags and a swastika at the same time. They use the emblem of the Nazis and the SS. Everywhere in the Ukrainian army you can see this emblem of their cult.” External commentator: “The issue of Ukraine’s denazification should be dealt with not only by Russians and Belarusians, but by the whole sensible world… It is time to create an anti-fascist international movement. Now there is a struggle not only for Ukraine, but for the future of our planet and the future of our entire civilization.”
  • A network of laboratories operated in Ukraine where biological weapons were developed. The U.S. and Ukraine were silent about common bio-projects in international reports. External commentator: “It was sanctioned, if not at the level of the president [of the U.S.], then at the level of the secretaries of defense and health, and for sure the national security adviser. It was a state military-biological program.”
  • Foreign mercenaries in Ukraine are moving along the Belarusian borders, attempting to draw Belarus into armed conflict. External expert: “When Zelensky announced the organization of a legion of foreign mercenaries, he called on assassins of all stripes. From the Ustaše Croats who were ethnic cleansing in Serbia to the Albanians, who have been cast out by the whole of Europe because they are engaged in prostitution and drug trafficking, to Brazilian and Colombian mercenaries who are members of drug cartels. These people will go anywhere for $1,500 a day to take part in combat operations.”
  • Zelensky is not in control of the situation in the country or the army. The Russian army is quickly occupying Ukrainian territory. Guest commentator, from a news story dated March 6, 2022: “In reality, no one is resisting the Russians. Their movement in the center of Ukraine outside the grouping in the east is limited by the logistical capabilities of the Russians themselves.”
  • Russian peacekeepers are doing everything they can to protect civilians from being massacred by the Ukrainian military. External commentator: “Strikes on civilian targets are the mark of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Not aiming at military targets but creating the right picture for the Western community. Western media show everything from the angle of cities bombed not by the Ukrainian military, but by the forces of the DPR and LPR.”

Friendly relations between Belarus and Russia

  • The Union State does not mean a loss of independence for Belarus but is a tool to simplify business and protect against external threats. Lukashenko, speaking to the Belarusian security forces on March 20, 2022: “Finally, the leadership of Russia, and indeed all Russians, has created a firm understanding that we must be together – that Russia also needs Belarus, just as we need the enormous Russia.”
  • The Belarusian-Russian Allied Resolve exercises are a response to ​​NATO, practicing military tactics while supporting allies. They were conducted only to protect citizens from potential danger. After the completion of the exercises, all Belarusian and Russian equipment will be returned to their points of permanent deployment. Alexander Volfovich, State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus, from a news story dated February 20, 2022: “Belarus is not helping Russia to seize Ukraine. Russia does not need to conquer Ukraine. Belarus is a country of kindness and peace. We want to live with everyone in the world. We are fed up with this war, we remember what happened during the Second World War, and we are still living with their consequences.”
  • Belarus today is the frontline in the confrontation between Russia and the West. Russia cannot leave Belarus alone in front of the Western threat. At the same time, Belarus and Russia gave a master class in restraint, ignoring all possible provocations by the West, which is now escalating the situation with lies about Russia’s allegedly impending aggression against Ukraine.

Referendum and the new constitution in Belarus

  • Any political regime needs to be updated and this cannot be done without changes in the constitution. The All-Belarusian People’s Assembly will become a kind of collective president with broad powers. Lukashenko: “Giving the All-Belarusian People’s Assembly a constitutional status was an act of historical justice. We have legally legitimized the most ancient tradition of our Slavic democracy.”
  • When Ukraine returns to the bosom of the Slavs, it will accept all the best practices of statehood that have been formed in Belarus.

The West is getting at Russia through Kazakhstan

  • The events in Kazakhstan with the participation of external militants and terrorists are a test of strength manufactured by the West for the entire Eurasian Economic Union. This is a carefully planned attempt to plunge Kazakhstan into chaos.
  • The collective West, as part of its fight against Russia and China, is using Kazakhstan to destabilize the situation in Central Asia. Lukashenko, speaking in a church on Orthodox Christmas in early January 2022: “Kazakhstan is an attempt to attack post-Soviet states along Russia’s perimeter. They need to drown Russia in blood. If Russia collapses, we will not even notice where we end up.”
  • Europe does not notice the indignations on the streets of Kazakhstan, does not impose sanctions for shoot-to-kill orders, and does not criticize Tokayev, but only reacts to the entry of CSTO peacekeepers.
  • Under these conditions, the CSTO showed the meaning of its existence to those who considered it useless. Guest commentator: “The CSTO is now the only guarantor of security in Kazakhstan. For the first time, the role of the U.S. as a security broker in the region has appeared to be zero.”

U.S. and Western aggression

  • Biden is geared up for conflict and is doing his utmost so that conflicts in the world do not subside. The U.S. is provoking Russia to war. External commentator from a story dated February 6, 2022: “The escalation of psychosis is beneficial for the U.S. and its allies. If Russia does not attack, they will say that it is thanks to the apprehension and sanctions they created that forced Russia to abandon their intentions. If their provocation succeeds and Russia must take forceful measures, they will accuse Russia of aggression and impose tough sanctions.”
  • The Americans conducted research into biological weapon and tried to implement colonialism through ethnocide. It is likely that the U.S. is involved in outbreaks of coronavirus, bird flu, and other epidemics. They studied the spread of other deadly infections through migratory birds. The U.S. and its allies sought to create bio-agents that would hit the Slavs. External commentator: “The Americans are now cleaning up the traces of their military-applied biological program to create shock biological weapons in Ukraine.»
  • The deployment of American weapons in the EU is presented by the Western media and politicians as a normal phenomenon, and Russia’s attempts to help Belarus defend itself from enemies are condemned. This is hypocrisy. External commentator: “The U.S. has turned Europe into its militarized foothold. The U.S. is selling its weapons to NATO Europe at a Stakhanovite pace and is demanding that Poland, the Baltic States, Romania, and Bulgaria quickly abandon Soviet weapons, which equip 95% of their armies… In this way, America helps its military industry to choke on the profits.”
  • The West is waging a powerful, false, frenzied, and provocative information war against Russia. External Russian commentator from a news story dated February 13, 2022: “The West is trying to convince the world that today or tomorrow Putin and Shoigu will break into Kyiv on tanks. Threats are an effective way to bullshit suckers.” An external Western commentator from a story dated January 30, 2022, “We are witnessing an information war that has been provoked by the Western media. The U.S., Britain, and the united West present Russia as an aggressor… without any arguments.”
  • The West sees Ukraine and other Eastern European countries as tools to fight Russia. Television presenter: “And in what position Ukraine and Georgia are needed by the West is no secret… The goal is to harm, incite, and provoke Russia with someone else’s hands.”
  • The Belarusian army is protecting Russia from a possible military attack by NATO and is also ready to repel an attack by Ukraine. Lukashenko, speaking at the ceremony for approving the results of the constitutional referendum in early March 2022: “Belarusians have no reason to worry. We cover the state border from Brest to Mozyr with our own forces. The Belarusian army did not take any part in the special operation and does not intend to take part in it.”

Reverse effect of Western sanctions

  • Anti-Russian sanctions will contribute to global food shortages and mass starvation. However, Belarus is not in danger of hunger thanks to a wise long-term policy of ensuring food security. Lukashenko at a meeting with Putin, from a news story dated March 13, 2022: “We are used to these disgusting Western [sanctions]. This is a time of opportunity. If you and I get our bearings, by the end of the year people will have forgotten that this happened. We need to rebuild our economy. We can do without them, as we have everything we need to live and work normally.”
  • Sanctions are the Inquisition of our time and are a blatant violation of international law. They have been introduced to undermine the Russian economy. External commentator: “Sanctions are used to pretend that those upon whom they are imposed are guilty. They are given a political inferiority complex. The purpose of the sanctions is for them to admit their guilt and obey. But we see the reverse process. Belarus and Russia have already been trained and understand where the Western countries are pushing us. In this regard, our Slavic unity will acquire a new position of quality.”
  • Anti-Russian sanctions harm the European Union. Inflation is rising and economic growth has slowed. The eurozone, unlike the U.S., has already realized that it will suffer from retaliatory sanctions and has admitted that it has reached the bottom of the sanctions.

News stories from the television channel STV

During the first quarter of 2022, the main topics of reporting on socio-political subjects and their statements in the news stories of the Nedelya (“The Week”) television program were the following:

The war in Ukraine 

  • Ukraine fell apart in 2014 and has been at war with itself ever since, presenting it as a fight against Russian aggression. Ukrainian troops are bombing Ukrainian cities and using the population as human shields. Correspondent, from a news story dated February 27, 2022: “The Ukrainian military has been bombing its own people across the country for the fourth day in a row. Instead of stopping the senseless war and laying down their arms, Ukrainian soldiers are hiding in residential areas, hiding behind people like they are shields…The terrorists are using scorched earth tactics along with weapons from Western allies.”
  • The Russian army releases Ukrainian civilians and ensures their safety, unlike the Ukrainian armed forces. Representative of the Russian Ministry of Defense, in a news story from February 27, 2022: “The Russian Ministry of Defense warned that Ukrainian nationalists were preparing such provocations. The Russian armed forces do not strike at cities and towns, and they take all measures to preserve the lives of civilians.”
  • The Ukrainian authorities are not independent. They do not care about the Ukrainian people, who live in devastation and poverty. External commentator: “Ukraine today is an object of external control. It is not the subject of its own state policy.”
  • Neo-Nazism flourished in Ukraine under the sponsorship of the West. External commentator: “The finest hour for neo-Nazism in Ukraine came in 2014, when the Azov regiment and the so-called national battalions began to infiltrate the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Defense, in addition to many organizations not integrated into the armed forces. They received funding from the U.S. and Western Europe.”
  • Ukraine conducted biological weapons testing funded by the U.S. Department of Defense. The U.S. and the shadow world government run hundreds of biological laboratories around the world. External commentator: “Not so long ago in the Donbas… on the frontline of contact, a sabotage group from the LDNR managed to seize several boxes of ammunition, along with grenades for grenade launchers, where there were botulism bacteria…That biological warfare is being waged I have no doubt. Projects to reduce the world’s population to one billion people are not fantasies. Unfortunately, there really is a shadow government, a world behind the scenes, which is interested in the implementation of these plans, including through war.”
  • Ukraine had been preparing an attack on Belarus and pursued an aggressive anti-Belarusian policy. Despite this, Minsk is facilitating peace talks between Ukraine and Russia. Lukashenko, from a press release dated March 6, 2022: “Over the past three years, the work of 12 agents and staff from the Ukrainian special services has been suppressed in our country. We assumed then, but now it is obvious that before dealing with Russia they needed to destroy the so-called ‘Belarusian balcony.’”
  • Ukraine conducted genocide in Donetsk and Luhansk for eight years, resulting in thousands of deaths and injuries, including those of hundreds of children. Russia is gradually liberating the Donbass settlements. Correspondent: “About a hundred liberated cities in the Donbass are returning to normal life. After the Russian military established control there, public transport began to work again in the cities and shops and schools opened. And still, the Russian side continues to support the DNR and LNR.”

Friendly relations between Belarus and Russia

  • The integration of Belarus and Russia is reaching a new level following the adoption of “union programs,” with benefits increasing. External commentator: “It is not just a strategy. Relations with Russia is a question of our existence.”
  • The Union State response forces were tested because of NATO military activity near the borders of Belarus and the situation in the Donbass. The exercises are aimed only at protecting the allied countries. Lukashenko, in an interview with Vladimir Solovyov in early February 2022: “The CSTO showed that while they [the U.S. and NATO] turn around and send their troops to Europe, we will already be standing at the English Channel… They understand that it is futile to fight us, especially with Russia… Ukraine will never fight us. This war will last a maximum of 3-4 days. There will be no one to fight against us.”
  • An alliance with Russia means for Belarus, among other things, protection with the help of the Russian nuclear umbrella.

The collapse of the West

  • The European economy is bursting at the seams due to sanctions against Belarus and Russia. In EU countries there is a shortage of products and the threat of mass bankruptcy of businesses. “Food prices have risen in Germany. It has been suggested they drink from the tap instead of bottled water. In France, they are talking about the possible introduction of food stamps to help poor families and the middle class. Television presenter: “In Germany, food prices have risen. The price of sunflower oil has doubled…To save money, it has been suggested that Germans drink tap water instead of bottled water and look for discounts. There is talk in France about the possible introduction of food stamps to help poor families and the middle class.”
  • Nazism also rules in Europe, with Germany supplying weapons to Nazi Ukraine. Television presenter: “Germany has supplied rockets, machine guns, and cartridges to Ukraine, where a swastika is drawn right on the president’s office, Banderites become heroes for schoolchildren, and where it is worse to be Russian than to be a Nazi. Europe does not notice anything or pretends not to.”
  • The dollar is no longer the world’s currency. Lukashenko: “Our people do not need to disgrace themselves or dishonor the country, running around looking for places where they can exchange the ruble for the dollar… Soon we will probably fight to have an extra Russian ruble or yuan in our pockets, because it is with these countries we will primarily trade.” Television presenter at a currency exchange office: “This currency [the U.S. dollar] is already obsolete and it has depreciated over the week. Meet the yuan!… From now on, our monetary wind rose looks toward the East.”
  • All industry and agriculture in Lithuania have been destroyed, privatized, and plundered. In Belarus, all this has been maintained and food security has been ensured.

 The West is getting at Russia through Kazakhstan 

  • The West has tried to strengthen its position in Central Asia due to the region’s proximity to Russia and China. The events in Kazakhstan in early January 2022 are an attempt by the West to create a Central Asian ISIS. External commentator: “They have been silent regarding the numerous training lasers that have been built in the mountains.”
  • A method of controlled chaos was used in Kazakhstan – the same manuals and techniques, including those based on Sharpe’s book that the U.S. uses for geopolitical purposes in other countries.
  • The CSTO helped organize security and stabilize the situation in Kazakhstan, which was destabilized by the West. The country could not cope on its own. Correspondent: “The tasks were completed. The Kazakh people remained free from the colonial yoke. The state persevered and said ‘thank you’ to its saviors. The result was the same, with Eurasia hitting NATO in the teeth. When only the feet of the Belarusian and Russian paratroopers touched down in Kazakhstan, the rebellion subsided and then began to dissipate. Now everyone understands that our peoples have the strongest vaccine against Western provocative methods.”

 U.S. aggression

  • Biden’s goal is to create an unstable zone in Ukraine – a frozen conflict along the lines of Iraq and Syria, but closer to Russia.
  • The U.S. was looking to encircle Russia from the western flank with the help of Belarus and Ukraine, infiltrate Central Asia by organizing a coup attempt in Kazakhstan, and in 2016, a coup attempt in Turkey. Lukashenko: “The fifth column is trained under the auspices of the intelligence services of the United States and Western European countries analogous to the Abwehr schools during the Great Patriotic War… The ultimate goal is to eliminate Russia and China as competitors on the geopolitical map of the world.”

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