Andrei Yeliseyeu

Twenty-five whales of pro-Kremlin propaganda in Belarus

A selection of propaganda narratives about Belarus

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Poland in the crosshairs of Russian propaganda

Why Poland is one of the main goals of the Russian propaganda machine

Maria Dawidowicz

Russkij Mir attacks

The pro-Kremlin propaganda in Poland

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Fascists and low-key communists of Slovakia together for Lukashenko

Who in Slovakia hates the current struggle of Belarusians for freedom?

Andrei Yeliseyeu

(Bela)Ru(s)sian propaganda: three key ways to discredit Svetlana Tikhanovskaya

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Andrei Yeliseyeu

Changes in (Bela)Rus(s)ian Propaganda: The U.S. and Soros advanced Polish-Lithuanian collusion

We analyze why state media changed the direction of their propaganda

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Putin sees Belarus’ popular protest as a threat to his own rule

Once successfully tried on Belarusians, such policies would be imposed on Russians

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Belarus and this cynical and cowardly world

Belarus became a test for the West as a global project protecting democratic values

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Kremlin-controlled transit of power in Belarus is shaping up

Involvement of Russian special forces is unlikely. Here is why