Maria Avdeeva

On the brink of a new Cold War

Strengthening the Kremlin’s anti-European rhetoric: main narratives in Ukraine

Alexander Morozov

The new structure of society at the heart of the Telegram phenomenon in Belarus

Alexander Morozov continues a series of conversations on the topic of «Social media and public mobilization in Belarus»

Alexander Morozov

Settling up with Putin

How Lukashenka fell into traps placed along the perimeter of the Union State

Vlad Kobets, David J.Kramer

Lukashenko’s Brutal Crackdown Has Lethal Help From Moscow

An investigation into the suppression of protests discovered the widespread use of Russian weapons

Alexander Morozov

Belarus and the New Europe

Why the Belarusian protest «does not expect help from Europe»

Maria Avdeeva

In the Face of a Kremlin Threat

What does the blocking of pro-Russian television channels in Ukraine mean for Belarus?

Yevhen Mahda

Yevhen Mahda: narratives in the triangle of contradictions Belarus – Russia – Ukraine

Which narratives are long-lasting and which are an operational response to what is happening

Maria Dawidowicz, Serge Kharytonau

The war of internet memes in Belarus

How pop-culture impacts protests and reflects Belarusian identity.


«Yabatki»* came to Instagram, but without success

The regime's supporters have once again failed in the conquest of social networks