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Disinformation: when the threat comes from home

Hungary’s ambition to control the narrative in the CE region

Alexander Morozov

The Kremlin Triad: Strategic Communications after ‘Nullifying’ of the Constitution and COVID-19

What the West and the Eastern Partnership countries should get ready for after another Kremlin methamorphosis

David Marples

Yearn for Something Different

Russia and Changes in Belarus

Vladimir Kobets, David J. Kramer

How a surprising election has jolted the dictator of Belarus

Belarusians are aware of the Kremlin threat and fed up with Lukashenka's rule

Olga Kevere

Raising the Stakes: The Kremlin’s Changing Scenarios for Belarus

The evolution of the Kremlin's strategy towards Belarus


Why the Kremlin needs Belarusian political parties

Kremlin parties as an instrument of foreign policy


Russia’s Phantom Battles

The current Kremlin leadership does not plan to change its approach toward its interpretation of the key historical events of the 20th century. It is highly probable the memory wars will continue


Post-truth and Post-elections in the Post-Covid Belarus: Theory and Practice of Meddling

The most well-known influence operations by the Kremlin are in misinformation and in the field of election interference

Maria Avdeeva

Active Measures – the Belarusian narrative in Ukraine

Russia continues active information warfare